Why a believer must avoid vanity?

SHAFAQNA – My dear son, do not consider insignificant even the smallest of sins, and in this way, consider all sins as big sins. Do not become proud of anything in this world, and remember that everything is from God and if God removes Divine Mercy from this world, no sign of anything even Divine Prophets and Angels will remain; in any condition do not forget that God is present, and do not become deluded about Divine Mercy and at the same time do not lose hope. Do not become proud of intercession by intercessors because all these have their own Divine Standards, and we are clueless about them. Study Duas (prayers) from infallibles and their fear of God should always be at top of your thoughts and behaviours. Inappropriate Satanic desires direct us towards vanity, and this is the way to destruction [1].

[1] Sahifayeh Imam, Vol. 18, Page 520.

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