How to purify the heart and the soul?

The important point to all of us is that we must start first with our own soul, and we must not be convinced that only our appearance be in order. We must start from our heart, from our brain, and must try every day that our second day is better than our first [1]. One of the best and highest cases which are needed to be learned and taught by people is the Islamic spiritual sciences, such as ethical science, and the purification of the soul, and ways of knowing about God which is the great Jihad [2]. It is our duties to be purified in order to be able to benefit from Divine Light and the light of the Quran [3]. If we reform ourselves, naturally the destination we have in mind in the world will be issued [4]. You must reform yourselves in order to be able to rise on the Day of Judgment; self-construction is to obey God’s Decrees/Rules [1].

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