Religion, the essence of all cultures

In an interview with Hawzah News, Head of Imam Sadiq (a.s) university discussed the concept of religion from different viewpoints.

Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Sa’eed Mahdavi-Kani explained that one’s attitude to the world, or in other words his/her worldview is called religion and said, “Some Western thinkers believe religion is a subject emerged from social life and is a part of culture. But we believe in divine revelation so we see religion as a truth that has come from above and is in accordance with the human nature; or we can say religion is a message that has been placed in our existence by God, from the very first.”

He added, “This divine message and what divine prophets bring for human beings are mutually corroborative and compatible, and interestingly, they are both consistent with the world of creation, because we believe they are all of the same source.”

The university and seminary professor pointed out that of course the essence of all cultures is in fact religion, but culture is not all what religion is about.


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