The Call – Yemen gathers united to proclaim freedom from oppression

Three years into a war of a violence so brutal and cruel words fail to encompass it, Yemen has come together to proclaim itself free … Free in the face of oppression, free in its religious heritage, free in its desire to shape a future that belongs to its many communities and not the will of tyrants … Under bombing maybe still but free nevertheless.

Yemen it must be said once more has defied those who thought its people weak, its resolve spent, and its land for the taking. Yemenis have proven beyond and above all what can be asked of a people that resolve is found in one’s reliance on God.

Resistance in Yemen today has become a flag bearer for the many communities, who, to our great shame, sit still under oppression. As many have written it before me, Yemen has lit a fire that none will extinguish, for its origin was born in an allegiance given long ago. Some promises are not so easily broken, some oaths can never be reneged on, no matter how much lead one will rain upon a people.

“Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and Allah,” reads the Quran.

Beware indeed for there is strength in the Truth, even if often Truth requires one to stand alone.

However one wishes to categorise Yemen’s war, whether or not people desire to turn away from the pain etched on Yemenis’ faces for they believe their punishment to be justified, it is impossible not to recognise the blinding courage of a people, who under threats of bombing stands united under their sky … defiant to their very last breath.

If often throughout our history references have been made to the Tragedy of Karbala, Yemen surely deserves a page to its name.

And yes, maybe I see what I wish to see when I look upon Yemen, but still … still in those fists held high towards Saudi Arabia’s warplanes I recognise the courage which animated our Imams and compelled men and women to rise to the impossible.

In those faces we so eagerly turn away from so that our safety would not be disturbed I see that betrayal which has eaten away at Humanity for over 14 centuries.

There is beauty in Yemen that cannot be measured as it is born from that very Light we are so willing to dispose of for it commands we hold true.

Regardless of what tomorrow will bring, Yemen’s victory has already been affirmed in Resistance … so that maybe we would learn.

By Catherine Shakdam

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