Israel targets Christian community in Jerusalem

Christian worshippers were targeted by the Israeli authorities on Sunday as they gathered to mark Sunday Palm near al-Salahia Church in Bab al-Asbat area in the Old City of Occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Local sources confirmed that police rounded up two youths and assaulted participants in an effort to disrupt the procession.

Eye witnesses noted that religious communities in Jerusalem have suffered increased violence and repression following US President Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

While violence against Christians in Israel are vastly underreported, or even dismissed to more pressing political matters, it remains nevertheless true that Tel Aviv has promoted sectarianism as somewhat of an unspoken state policy under the principle that Israel belongs to Judaism to the exclusion of all others.

Rights and religious have vehemently condemned the violence, calling on the international community to guarantee freedom of religion in Israel and all territories falling under Israeli occupation.

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