Daily Archives: 05/04/2018

Why does Allah (s.w.t.) test people?

via 180 Questions Enquiries About Islam | par Ayatullah  Nasir Makarim Shirazi: The topic of Divine trial is an issue of great debate and discussion. The first question that comes to mind is: Are trials not for understanding matters which are obscure, hence eliminating our ignorance? If so, why does Allah (s.w.t.), Who possesses knowledge of the hidden and the …

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Ritual Practices in Shi’ism

The religious rites practiced by Twelve-Imam Shi’ites are essentially the same as those of the Sunnis with certain minor modifications of posture and phrasing which are little more than the differences that are to be found among the Sunni schools (madhhabs) themselves, except in the addition of two phrases in the call to prayer. For Shi ism, like Sunnism, the …

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