Daily Archives: 11/04/2018

MPs reject general bill on ‘Support for Iranian Products’

Iranian lawmakers on Wed. rejected a general bill on ‘Support for Iranian Products’ over what they cited as the ‘repetitive’ nature of the bill’s articles. The general bill on ‘Support for Iranian Products’ failed to obtain approval by the Parliament during today’s open session with 92 votes in favor, 73 votes against and 5 abstentions by 206 lawmakers in attendance. …

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Bahrain’s regime targets children

In yet another display of violence, and it needs to be noted, disregard for international law and human decency, Manama has proven willing to target children as part of its repression campaign against pro-democracy activists. The LuaLua TV website has learned that members of Manama’s security apparatus tortured and ill-treated 15-year-old Ali Marhoun before forcing him to sign a confession …

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