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Iranian F5 fighter jet makes hard landing in Dezful

Iranian Air Force’s F5 fighter jet made a hard landing while training, in Dezfoul, Khuzestan province, on Sunday. The fighter made a hard landing in the 4th military air base in Dezful, 460 kilometers (280 miles) southwest of the capital, Tehran. The plane landed with the least damage, thanks to the pilot’s knowledge and skil

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What are the meanings of the informative attributes of Allah? What are the Sunni and Shia viewpoints in this regard?

Khabariyah or informative attributes refer to attributes which have been mentioned in the Quran and narrations and have no proofs other than textual evidence. Among those attributes, “yadullah” (Hand of Allah) and “‘ainullah” (Eye of Allah) are examples contained in the Quran. The Shia school following the Household (Ahlul-Bayt), peace be upon them, believe that God, the Glorified, is free …

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