Industry ministry says 340 small units resurrected in last 3 months

Iranian Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Sadegh Najafi said on Sunday that following the provision of supporting packages by the government in the last year, 340 small industries re-opened in the past 3 months.

“340 small industrial units closed after the Islamic Revolution opened in the last 3 months and got back into the cycle of production,” said Sadegh Najafi, Iranian Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, on Sunday.

The official reassured that the newly revived units will enjoy the priority to benefit from the export incentive funds and other supporting packages allocated for small industries.

“In the last year the situation got better for highlighting the role of small industries,” the official added saying that, in the mentioned period, supporting packages were offered to renovate and reconstruct small firms and industries.

According to the same source, 52 new companies were formed in the last year in the area of exporting management besides creating a cycle of supply and distribution.

Najafi added that currently there are 1,800 export units active in industrial towns and zones across Iran.

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