Iran parliament votes out economy min. 18 days after sacking labor min.

Iranian parliament sacked Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (MEAF) Masoud Karbasian in an impeachment session on Sunday more than two weak after sacking Ali Rabiei.

In a very recent change in top economic posts in Iran, Iranian lawmakers voted that Karbasian be impeached and removed from office,

The hearing session started in the morning on Sunday and following the addresses made for and against the impeachment, the votes were collected.

A total of 137 members of parliament voted against Karbasian with 121 members voting in favor of him remaining. Two MPs abstained to vote.

The lawmakers had signed the bill of impeachment with 17 areas of concerns and 33 signatory legislators. Lack of transparency in Iranian economy, the problems caused after fluctuations in the exchange rates of foreign currencies and disorder in the banking system were among the top areas of criticism against the minister.

Just 18 days ago, the parliament had refused to give a vote of confidence to Iran’s Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, Ali Rabiei.

On July 25, Presdient Rouhani named a new governor for the Central Bank of Iran after his administration was severely blamed for economic problems, including the spiraling down of the value of the national currency.

Karbasian, who had acquired the position a year ago, was sacked just 375 days after winning the vote of confidence in the outset of the new cabinet of President Rouhani after winning office for the second term.

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