The Grand Ayatollah Makarem condemned recent Saudi’s behaviours towards Shia Muslims

The Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi protested against the recent events in Saudi Arabia and declared: We warn the Saudi officials that these harsh behaviours will provoke the feelings of world’s Shia Muslims and followers of Ahlul Bait (AS) and will have bad consequences. Terrifying reports of Saudi’s behaviours towards Shias of Qatif and Ehsa have been reported.

Some of their scholars and grandees have been sent to prison for performing their religious ceremonies and the most frightful news is that an execution order has been issued for the honourable scholar of the region, Sheikh Nomer. Instead of these harsh behaviours, it is better for Saudi rulers to listen to people, the people demand their rights and wish to have the freedom to perform their religious ceremonies and they are interested in their own country.

Which logical mind will stand against these lawful demands? We are amazed as why the international human rights institutions stay quiet in these circumstances and are agreeable with oppressive regimes but for the smallest excuse in a country which is not in coordination with them, they start screaming? We repeat that the execution order for a great scholar of the region is unbearable for Shia scholars and followers of Ahlul Bait (AS) and their friends all over the world.

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