Men more likely to have nodded off while driving

Almost half of male drivers admit to having nodded off at the wheel, and 7 per cent of motorists have fallen fast asleep while driving, according to a study. The road safety charity Brake said that tiredness at the wheel was responsible for 300 deaths per year. Half of the 1,000 drivers surveyed admitted having driven after less than five hours’ sleep, which is considered “not nearly enough for safe driving” by Brake.

The charity is calling on drivers to get more sleep and take regular breaks after finding that 45 per cent of male drivers admitted to “head-nodding” through tiredness. Twenty-two per cent of women said that they had experienced head-nodding — also known as micro-sleeps, lasting between two and 30 seconds — at the wheel.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said: “The fact that so many drivers, especially men, have head-nodded at the wheel is horrifying.” She added: “This survey suggests this is down to many people failing to ensure they always get sufficient sleep before embarking on journeys.

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