Iran appointed as 1st vice chairman of Middle-East Regional Assembly

23rd Regional Assembly for Middle East (RAME) was held on July 6 in Aqaba, Jordan where the managing director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI) Saeed Rasouli was appointed as the first vice chairman of the assembly.

A number of issues such as approval of the results of 22nd RAME in Isfahan, country reports of the M.E. railways’ Presidents, report on the activities of International Union of Railways (UIC) RAME Regional Office in Tehran, new activities for 2019, training needs of RAME members, determination of date and venue of the next RAME meeting, and financial issues were discussed in the meeting.

The 22nd RAME was held on November 26, 2018 in Isfahan, Iran in the presence of UIC Director General, RAME chairman and Vice-Chairmen, Acting Governor General of Isfahan, UIC coordinator for Middle East, Railways Presidents of the member states, some RAI managers, and representative of ECO.

Addressing the Isfahan assembly, the time Managing Director of RAI Saied Mohammadzadeh called for establishment of an integrated railway network in the region saying, “Iran expects this regional assembly meeting to focus on establishing an integrated network and a coordinated management in order to achieve higher efficiency.”

The official further praised UIC’s supports for Middle East railway activities stressing the needs for acceleration of cooperation and strong support for regional programs and projects.

According to Mohammadzadeh, due to its strategic location, Iran has a privileged position which makes it potent for becoming a transit hub in the region.

Having several free trade zones, especially in the Persian Gulf region, the existence of a wide network of roads in the country, low prices for fuel and energy carriers in Iran, and a suitable rail transport network in the country, are some of the country’s advantages.

Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE are members of UIC regional assembly for Middle East.

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