An Exemplary human being

In Ayah 63 of Surah Al-Forqan, Allah (SWT) said: Exemplary human beings are those whose behaviours are balanced; meaning when they walk on the earth they are not arrogant and when meet ignorant people, they treat them peacefully. Ayah 64 of Surah Al-Forqan introduces them as those who pray to God during the night and Ayah 65 of the same Surah mentioned that they are frightened of the torments of the hell; meaning they only worship Allah (SWT) and nothing else. Ayah 67 of Surah Al-Forqan said: In spending money they are neither lavish nor hold back and Ayah 72 of the same Surah said: They do not testify unjustly and preserve their dignity when face gossipers.

(Explanations by: Hojjatul Islam Qara’ati)

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