Islamic instructions are for all occasions and all times

Islamic instructions are designed to direct a human being during all the months of the year. The fact is that our enemy is trying to deceive us at all the times of the day and the night, neither our inner desires nor the outside enemy will leave us alone. It is possible to befriend with any of our enemies but we cannot be friends with our superegos (selfishness, vanity) from inside and Iblis from outside. Unlike other enemies the more we become friends with our selfishness and vanity the harder they will sting us.

The month of Ramadhan provides an opportunity to overcome Satan; this month is to gain control of our superegos in order to protect our dignity, if we do so then God will not allow Satan to rise and have access to human being because a limit is set for Satan. The reason Satan said: I do not have the power to deceive devout servants of Allah (SWT) is that because Satan has no access to them, not because Satan has pity on them. The point is that in Ramadhan human being finds the opportunity to gain angel like character.

The Prophets came to tell us, you are angels, do not sell yourselves cheaply and the holy month of Ramadhan is for that purpose. The enjoyment which is gained by pious people cannot be attained by others because enjoyment from eating and drinking last for minutes and if someone vomits the food it smells awful and this is no longer enjoyment. But the enjoyment of knowledge, giving, forgiveness, solving other’s problems or 20 years ago did a favour for someone and now when remembers that, can feel the real enjoyment; these are real and lasting enjoyments.

(Part of speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli)

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