Bakhtiari nomads start migration

The travel of pastoral nomads through Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari creates one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the province.

It has already become colder in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province and the green fields have turned yellow. The time for traveling has arrived for the pastoral nomads and the black tents are being packed up.

One of the most beautiful scenery in the lives of Bakhtiari Nomads is during their long trip to warmer regions in winter. This annual migration which commences as the weather gets colder, lasts several weeks and comes to an end in the tropical regions of Khuzestan.


Although in many parts of this province, mountain roads have replaced nomadic pathways, many of the nomads still travel on foot to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and experience a memorable trip.

Just about now, the nomad’s black tents are being packed up one after another and put on the livestock which are being organized and guided to the nomadic paths.


Prefect of Bazoft District, Soroush Zaheri, pointed to the start of nomadic travels in this region and said, “this year, the nomadic migration has been planned to start sooner. 25 thousand nomads reside in this area and have already begun their travel towards the tropical regions of Khuzestan.”

Travelers and tourists interested to see the nomadic migration can travel to Bazoft District in Kuhrang County and watch from the main road as the nomads walk by.

The Bakhtiari is a southwestern Lurish tribe. A small percentage of Bakhtiari people are still nomadic pastoralists, migrating between summer quarters and winter quarters. Bakhtiaris primarily inhabit Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari and eastern Khuzestan, Lorestan and Isfahan.

Report by Bahareh Samimi

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