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What is the ruling for registering accounts using identities of other people and spreading lies in cyber space? The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi’s Fatwa

The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi Zanjani answered a question about cyber space. Question: Sometimes it has been noticed that some individuals register accounts in cyber space using identities of other people, and in this way spread rumours or lies on behalf of others, or publish fabricated viewpoints using identities of famous …

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What are the signs of hypocrites according to Imam Sadeq (AS)?

It is narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: There are four signs for hypocrisy, and they are: being cruel-hearted (stony-hearted) having dry-eyes (rigid-eyes; no tears; cannot cry; is not able to cry) committing sins persistently having intense desire for the (pleasures and life of the) world [1] [1] Al-Ikhtesas, …

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What will save the human being on the Day of Judgment?

The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was asked: What will save the human being on the Day of Judgement? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: The only way is that one does not try to trick/deceive God; otherwise God will trick/deceive him/her. Because whoever tricks God, God will trick that person and God …

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Is superiority complex bad?

For a while one of the companions had been praised by others in the presence of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), until one day, they showed that person to the Prophet (PBUH) and said: He is the one who we praised. The Prophet (PBUH) looked at his face and said: …

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